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Every order from ActivatedYou is backed by our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Try it for up to 90 days and if you aren't thrilled with the results, just send back the empty jars for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should take Morning Complete?

A: Morning Complete is perfect for anyone who wants to boost their body’s performance and their overall sense of wellness each day. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to start their day on a positive, healthy note.

Q: How do I use Morning Complete?

A: Morning Complete isn’t a supplement – it’s a delicious, apple-cinnamon flavored drink. To use Morning Complete, simply mix a scoop of our easy-dissolve powder in with the liquid of your choice – we suggest water or green tea – and drink.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

A: We’re proud of our products, and we stand behind them 100%. It’s the reason we take pride in our 90-day ActivatedYou™ promise. If you’re not thrilled with your results for any reason, contact our customer service team, and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Q: What's in Morning Complete?


Customer Reviews

Life Saver

“I've been using this now for 6 months.This has been a life saver. I have BM's two to three times a day and I feel wonderful. I have energy and my skin and hair have improved immensely!! Thank you for this product, well worth every cent!!!”


*Results may vary

Awesome Stuff

“I’ve been taking all the ingredients in this for years and it didn’t work half as well as Morning Complete. I’ve never been so regular or felt as clean in my gut. Thank you!”


*Results may vary

Morning Complete!!

“I like the flavor and the energy I get. No need for coffee. It is the perfect run out the door morning liquid meal.”


*Results may vary

Awesome Stuff

“I’ve been taking all the ingredients in this for years and it didn’t work half as well as Morning Complete. I’ve never been so regular or felt as clean in my gut. Thank you!”


*Results may vary

Love this!!!!

“I was concerned about the taste but it is really good! The green apple is tart making it easy to drink! Love it! Will be purchasing more!”


*Results may vary

Morning complete

“I love morning complete I have lots of energy all day long. And I take it every morning and if I feel tired I just have one more and I’m good all day long”


*Results may vary

So Far So Good!!

“Only been using for two weeks and it is helping with my stomach issues. Feeling less bloated and is a perfect start to my day.”


*Results may vary

Feeling Good

Since I have been taking Morning Complete for close to a week straight now and I have already felt a difference in my energy in the morning and I feel less bloated throughout the day and starting to have regular bowel movements.”


*Results may vary

Morning Kick

“I’m a nearly 40yr old man and in recent years I’ve battled with not having good bowel movements. But since my wife is always searching for new products I must say she hit the jackpot with this one. In just a week of getting my morning dose I’ve noticed my morning energy before work is up and my evening bathroom visit is a success as well!! What’s really great is it seems to be curving my appetite which is very welcoming. Thanks honey (my wife) and thank you for activating me.”


*Results may vary

Awesome Product

“I’ve been taking this close to a month now with remarkable and noticeable change in my digestive system. I get up at 4am for work, and it’s no longer a struggle. I’ve also increased my exercise routine due to the extra energy I’m experiencing. Shared with my very active 80 year old mom, she’s now a customer.”

- BB

*Results may vary

So far so good

“I have been taking activated you for about one month and it seems to be working. I can't wait till a couple more months pass to see if it gets any better. The taste isn't bad either.”


*Results may vary

Morning Complete

“I feel great! No sluggishness anymore. I am more focused and not tired during the day. Great product!”


*Results may vary

Good Vibrations

“Really enjoying the positive morning complete feeling- more energy & alertness.”


*Results may vary

Ready to try Morning Complete For Yourself?

Thousands of people have completely transformed their digestive health with Morning Complete, and we want you to, too. If you have never before tried a daily-wellness superfood blend, we encourage you to take advantage of our special offer here and discover the transformative powers for yourself.

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