"I was bloated…I was fatigued…I was very tired, unusually tired for someone who is in her mid-20s and who is athletic, and thought that she ate right."

"It’s not easy because you know when you’re on camera, you don’t really get to have that day where you don’t want to face the world or look at anyone. And they’re like, ‘How are you awake? How are you not grumpy? How are you not angry? You know, with the fatigue that’s going on because everybody is else is just crashing.’

Part of it is I know how to take care of my body very early in the day."

"In the morning, you know I’m able to wake up early, I’m able to walk my dogs, hike my dogs, go on a run, get to work on time. You know, sustain throughout the day, know all my lines. If it’s a physical day, be able to still have the physicality and my mind sharp at the same time."

All right, let's talk about poop

I know, that can be an awkward and embarrassing conversation, but it's an important one.

And I have a question for you and I want you to answer honestly.

How often do you go to the bathroom?

Are you going too often or not enough?

Or maybe you're like I was.

I used to go one to two times a week and I thought that was totally normal.

Then I discovered what most doctors considered to be a healthy number of times to eliminate daily, and I was shocked.

If we haven't met yet, hi, I'm Maggie Q.

Many know me for my acting roles as Nikita in Mission Impossible or in ABC's Designated Survivor.

I'm also a health activist, a researcher and, as my fellow actors will tell you, I'm usually the one running around the set handing out vitamins and health advice.

My co-stars and crew turn to me for help because they know I wasn't always healthy.

My own health journey is what ultimately led me to my current mission…

to help as many people as possible live their healthiest life.

And I've often found health starts with one thing no one wants to talk about: poop.

So forget that…

we are going to talk about it today,

because as you know, if you aren't eliminating properly, you're not as healthy as you could be.

if your bathroom habits improve, that means your digestion can also improve, which can translate into your health getting better and better!

Weight can begin to fall off... you have ALL DAY energy, without caffeine.


You start to feel sharper, stronger, younger, more productive... like a whole new you!

So let's talk about how to do that. Sound good?

To start, it's important you know why doctors call pooping eliminating, because I wasn't so sure either.

Well, it's because when we go number two, we are eliminating the waste from our bodies…

literally taking the bad stuff, all the stuff we don't need and pushing it out.

That means if you aren't eliminating often enough, you're carrying around what could literally be pounds of bad stuff,

You may have heard of things like colon cleanses or colonics designed to help get rid of that waste…

but those are temporary solutions at best.

It wasn’t until I met one gut health expert that I discovered the long-term solution.

He showed me how getting this one thing first thing in the morning can help eliminate fatigue…

give you more regular bathroom habits..

help reduce bloating…

and help get troublesome excess fat to go bye-bye.

Even with all these benefits, I think the best part of adding this one thing is you get a charge of all day energy that makes you feel as if you can accomplish anything!

And although I can't speak for everyone, just adding this one thing to my morning routine even improved my skin.

The first thing you put in your body in the morning sets you up for the entire rest of the day.

What this means is simple:

If the first thing you eat in the morning is something your bad bacteria like… you are setting yourself up to fail for the rest of the day.

Not only can it make you feel sluggish, the bad bacteria can make you crave more unhealthy foods.

On the other hand, give your good bacteria what they like and they will take control.

Keep you craving healthy foods

even put you in a better mood.

Best of all, those good bacteria sets you up for a day of great digestion.

And remember, digestion equals energy!

Along with effortless weight management,

Healthy looking skin

and a heightened sense of focus.

All this from giving your good bacteria something they like to eat first thing.

Here is simple 3-step Energy & Digestive Health Protocol

Step 1: Give your good bacteria Prebiotics

The special food they love, to help them thrive

Step 2: Give yourself Probiotics

Probiotics are additional good bacteria you can take, as a pill or a drink

Think of them as helpers, to the good bacteria you already have

They help replenish your digestive tract... and restore your microbiome balance

Step 3:

Give yourself Energy Nutrients

Now that your body has the bacteria boost it needs for easy digestion, you can add in Energy Nutrients, and your body will digest them quickly... giving you the youthful energy of someone half your age!

As you can see, this 3-Step Protocol is a recipe for amazing digestion, that gets you turning your food into energy again... instead of storing it as fat....

Plus... it's amazing how those tough-to-tone areas start looking slimmer and trimmer when we stop eating so many of the foods we know are bad for us... and getting rid of your cravings is the best way to do it

Now in the past, to do this Protocol, you would have had to buy 3 different things:

1) Some sort of Prebiotic supplement

2) Some sort of Probiotic supplement


3) The root vegetables and leafy greens that contain the Energy Nutrients

And in the past, I did just that!

And it was worth it.

I went from craving junk foods to wanting healthy food.

I went from being backed up to going to the bathroom three or four times a day.

Effortless bathroom trips and no gas in between.

In addition, my mind felt sharper, my skin got better and the unattractive bloat I used to experience in my stomach was gone within days.

Best of all, I had the energy of a rocket ship!

I could power through 16 hour days with no problem.

My friends on set joke that I'm a robot. (laughs)

That said, it wasn't easy

It was not only a lot of expensive stuff to buy...

I didn't want to make a salad and veggies every day for breakfast

That was what inspired me to find a better solution

You see, while acting will always be my greatest passion

My two other passions in life are health and animal rights

When I’m not on set, you can usually find me volunteering at an animal rescue center

Or keeping up with the latest health sciences

I study those food labels like I am FBI agent Hannah Wells

I brainstormed about how we could get this three-step energy and digestion protocol into a one-step formula…

because we knew if we did…

it would change lives.

We studied the latest research on prebiotic formulas, probiotic bacteria strains and energy nutrients.

And I'm excited to share with you that after much trial and error, we finally figured it out.

Morning Complete is a proprietary formula made to give your body and your good bacteria everything it is starving for first thing in the day.

It's a potent combination of nursing prebiotics,

powerful probiotics

and green super foods

all in one place.

These are the specific nutrient science now shows our bodies love in the morning, but we rarely eat at breakfast time.

Perhaps more importantly, they are the things needed to nourish our good bacteria

As Dr Raphael Kellman, author of The Microbiome Diet, also says:

"Simply put, if you get the microbiome—that collection of bacteria inside you—healthy, you will lose weight,"

Morning Complete also contains spinach, broccoli, kale, and 23 other nutrient-dense superfoods in total

Simply add one scoop into a glass of water each morning and stir.

Or do what I do…

put a scope of Morning Complete in my water bottle…

give it a shake and go.

I'm out the door every morning with everything I need for a healthy day!

We decided to call it Morning Complete, because it contains all of the nutrients of a doctor-designed, natural breakfast – in just 15 calories

It's not heavy, but it will likely fill you up

It's gluten-free and all natural,

And it also contains a special Metabolic Enhancing Blend... of 3 favorite energy and metabolism-boosting foods:

· Green Tea Leaf Extract

· Ginger Root

· Turmeric Root Extract

Along with 3 other potent, natural nutrients… which, when combined together, give your body a boost of clean energy... that propels you to have the most productive day possible!

And the reason it's called a Metabolic Enhancing Blend is because these nutrients are proven to aid in weight management

Have you ever eaten at a Japanese restaurant, and been served tea after your meal?

This is because green tea has been used for centuries to help with bloating and digestion

And now, according to researchers at the University of Kansas, we know Green Tea Leaf Extract has antioxidant power that is about 100 times greater than that of Vitamin C, and 25 times greater than that of vitamin E!

So take that, orange juice!

< Kalyn W, ed. The Healing Power of Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs. The Reader's Digest Association, Pleasantville, NY, 1999, p 311. >

And as weight loss expert Tim Ferriss says in his best- selling book,

"The 4-Hour Body"

"Green Tea Extract inhibits the storage of excess carbohydrates as bodyfat and preferentially diverts them to muscle cells.

(it) appears to increase programmed cell death (apoptosis) in mature fat cells. This means that these hard-to-kill bastards commit suicide."

What this means is that it goes into your digestive system... and fires it up!

Combined with exercise, it's one of the best ways to boost your Fat Oxidation Rate – this is the rate your body burns fat all day long... and even at night while you are sleeping.

After several studies with mice showed that Green Tea Leaf Extract helped them dramatically reduce body fat, researchers moved on to human trials... And found it had the exact same effect!

In one study, scientists discovered that ingesting Green Tea Extract before a 30-minute cycling exercise increased people’s Fat Oxidation Rate by an average of 17%...

So is it any surprise that Japan is ranked LAST in the entire world in terms of obesity?

The Energy Nutrients you'll be getting each morning in your Morning Complete are powerful... you will look forward to the way it makes you feel!

Yet the caffeine content is minimal... so there are no jitters, and most importantly.... no afternoon crash

Morning Complete flood your system with vitamins and greens first thing, giving you the energy to go out and seize the day.

And because we wanted it to be a complete solution for body transformation we also formulated a Cellular Function and Liver Support Blend

Including healing and cleansing nutrients such as aloe vera leaf, and milk thistle seed extract

This blend supports your liver in ridding your body of harmful toxins... so you flush out what isn't serving you, regularly and efficiently

Because remember – if you aren't eliminating, you are storing – and that can make it nearly impossible to lose weight

Morning Complete also includes a Sugar Balancing Support Blend... to keep your cravings under control, throughout your day

Yet while there are other greens drinks that give you greens and vitamins...

None of them are specifically designed to nourish your microbiome of bacteria like Morning Complete

It's the first blend of Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Green Superfoods, all-in-one

9 out of 10 people don't get nearly enough of any of these in their regular diet... and we created Morning Complete to change that

A 2012 report published in The Journal of Nutrition states that prebiotics, along with probiotics, can help with many digestive problems, including:


·leaky gut symptoms

·certain intestinal disorders

·symptoms of irritated tummy


·Candida overgrowth... or SIBO... like we talked about earlier


Morning Complete also contains a doctor-recommended daily dose of Probiotics... those "good bacteria" that support your own beneficial bacteria friends...

That dose is

10 Billion Colony-Forming-Units

And – this is important:

The probiotics we used were chosen based on their effectiveness in real, human clinical trials...


If you're interested in more of the science behind this…

hang around until the end of this video…

when I'm going to share some fascinating studies with you along with information about a special strain of good bacteria in Morning Complete called…

Bacillus Coagulans,

which just may be the most powerful probiotic available to the human body!

I could go on and on about the ingredients in Morning Complete for days – as it contains 26 beneficial Super Nutrients for your body, in every scoop!

Now, as you can imagine, formulating this whole body health solution with 26 nutrients, including



Essential greens

The Metabolism Enhancing Blend

And the Sugar Balancing Blend

was not cheap

However, we felt it was important to source out the highest quality ingredients... so you are getting even more nutrients than if you were to blend your own veggies and superfoods yourself

If you were to try to buy just a few of these nutrients, to take individually... you'd be spending around $250 a month at the health food store... if you could find them

However, we also know that that isn't realistic for a lot of people, which is why we did some hard negotiating with our labs and nutrient suppliers to make sure we could get the price down

Our original retail price for Morning Complete was going to be $79 for a 30 day jar... which would have made it a bargain compared to trying to do it on your own

But I told our formulators...

It’s just not good enough!

Fortunately, after our initial batch was gobbled up by family and friends... and they began to ask for more and more...

We knew we could confidently place a much larger order

This allowed us to negotiate the price down even further

So today, we are able to offer Morning Complete for not $79...

Or even $69...

Right now, for new customers only, because we want as many people to try it as possible...

We are able to offer it to you for just $49

That's just a few quarters a day to give yourself all of the nutrients your body needs in the morning...

We must limit the New Customer Offer to just 6 per customer, as our supply is limited, and we want to be fair

And because nearly everyone who tries it wants to keep taking it – especially my actor friends who I give it to on set –

We've also created some nice additional discounts on Family Packages for you

When you click on the link below, you'll be able to see the additional savings our Team has been able to give

If you see the packages available, that means we are still in stock

Morning Complete is highly recommended to give to your kids, first thing in the morning...

As a recent study published in Gastroenterology found Prebiotics reduces body fat and alters intestinal microbiota in children who are struggling with their weight or energy levels.


So when you start your kids' day off with the great-tasting Morning Complete, chances are they will make better food choices at school

It doesn't need to be refrigerated, and it won't go bad on your shelf – each is good for a minimum of one year after purchase

Oh and by the way, all of our products are manufactured right here, in the USA

Also – it's important I tell you about something else I decided to do, when we created what we hoped will be a world changing nutrition solution...

We decided to create the first ever,

"You Feel Better or It's Free Guarantee"

The way it works is simple:

Try Morning Complete

Feel it working in your body, bringing those critical benefits to your body... to give your day the best possible start

if you don't find yourself having more regular bathroom habits, without strain

Better digestion

A slimmer looking tummy

Clearer, healthier looking skin

Better focus

And higher levels of energy, all day long

Simply let us know – and you don't pay!

We'll refund every cent of your money - even for the products you've used, and all you have to do is send us back the empty bottles. That's because we want you to USE them, and see just how amazing they really are

And if you are already using another multi-vitamin, bacteria-boosting supplement, or greens powder... we guarantee you will feel a significant improvement over what you are used to, with this special, one-of-a-kind formula

Yes, it's that powerful. It's something you need to feel, to believe!

Many of my friends have asked – how can I make such guarantee?

Aren't there going to be people who order the bottles, dump it out, then send them back to you and try to rip you off?

Well, you know what – there may be.

I believe putting this guarantee behind our product, to earn your trust, is much more important.

We've both worked extremely hard to build our reputations in our respective industries

And we put our reputations behind Morning Complete

I hope you decide to try it today, because I know... You are going to love the way it makes you feel

And... you're going to be happy you took action today...

Because if you're not in the best of health... it's not a problem that fixes itself...

If you are currently suffering from indigestion, low energy, or weight gain...

Then we have designed Morning Complete specifically to help you

Don't make the mistake of doing nothing... because in my experience... when your body is "off", it only gets worse...

And you know as well as I do... that when you aren't in a good place with your health... you have a tendency to keep eating unhealthy. It's just the way it is!

I would be honored to help you take this important step for your health today.

Within just a few days, you'll start feeling exciting changes in your body.

Changes you'll have to feel to -.

Imagine feeling energy all day and actually craving healthy foods. (laughs)

No more guilt because cravings for junk food got the best of you…

and no more worries that one wrong food will throw your entire body out of whack.

Perhaps the best part of Morning Complete is …

knowing that after you've had your delicious morning drink…

you've given your body a healthy dose of greens plus the prebiotics and probiotics you'll need for the entire day.

It's such a great feeling to start your morning out that way.

And when your easeful digestion is combined with brighter skin…

a slimmer feeling body…

a flatter looking tummy…

and energy that makes you ready to take on the world,

I'm willing to bet you won't just feel good,

you'll feel great.

You'll feel amazing!

So click on the link below to try Morning Complete today.

When you click, you'll be taken to our secure order page, that's protected with the same 256 bit SSL Security used by Apple, and Amazon.com

Select the package that's right for you, and your order will be shipped from our offices right here in Southern California

Or if you prefer to speak to a real live person, no problem!

Call the number on your screen, and let our friendly staff know you are calling to get the "Morning Complete New Customer Offer"

They will be happy to take your information securely, by telephone

I hope you make the choice to give it a try…

because I know if you've made it this far, you're serious about your health and well-being.

So trying it today may just be the best gift you could possibly give yourself and you deserve it.

So click on the link below to try it risk-free.

Before I go, I want to thank you for spending a little of your time with me today.

I can't wait to hear how well Morning Complete works for you.

guarantee you're going to love the way you feel!

I'm Maggie Q, wishing you the best of health.